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------ Business ------


Set up in 1998, the firm has developed and grown over the course of the years, 
with a strong hallmark of youth and renewal.

Originating as a braiding, factory for the production of stiff and elastic cordage 
used for tarpaulins on lorries, navigation, and certain garden items, 
it has also developed the production of twine for rope factories. 
It strives to satisfy its clients' needs by means 
of the quality that it has made its strong point 
and professional nature that distinguishes it.


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Ilfe S.r.l. Sede Legale: Piazzetta E. Caruso 21 51031 Agliana (PT) Italy Sede Operativa e amministrativa: Via Venezia , 52/56 59013 Montemurlo (PO) Italy P.IVA & C.F. 01347650473 - REA PT-142067 - C.S. 14.000 i.v.- Indirizzo PEC: - Tel +39 0574 684252 - Fax +39 0574683513 - E-mail